Subscription Service Agreement + Video Walkthrough Training


If your business offers a subscription service, this is the contract for you. Frivolous disputes and chargebacks can be a huge expense and setback for your growing business, so this Subscription Service Agreement contains provisions that help prevent disputes and charge backs, while offsetting the costs of the inevitable. The Subscription Service Agreement is designed to make sure your subscribers know exactly what to expect . . . and what not to expect from your business. By providing clarity and predictability for your subscribers, this Subscription Service Agreement leads to a more positive, productive, and mutually beneficial relationship. 

Created from real, attorney-drafted contacts, your non-generic customizable template comes with access to a video training that walks you through: 

• Key points in your contract you need to know; 
• How to properly fill it out; and 
• How to use it to protect your business.
• Includes Video Walkthrough Training.