Foundation to Funding Guide


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This guide is all you’ll need to start building the financial foundation to successfully grow and scale your business. It takes money to make money and newer business owners often fail to realize how improper business setup and operation limits the growth potential of their businesses.

If you weren’t born wealthy, the only way to build wealth is by using what’s called “OPM,” or, other people’s money. The Foundation to Funding Guide contains actionable steps to help you create the leverage to access the products and services you need to consistently increase profits in your business (think marketing, advertising, staffing, and supplies). Lenders aren’t as willing to take risks on you, personally, as they are to take those risks on your business. The idea behind that is your business has higher earning potential than you do, which makes lenders’ investment in your business a lot less risky than an investment in you, individually. It’s important that the foundation for your business be laid in such a way that it allows for steady growth. That’s exactly what this guide is designed to help you accomplish.