Independent Contractor Agreement + Video Walkthrough Training



This contract governs the relationship between your business and the contractors you hire to help it grow. The Independent Contractor Agreement protects business assets like your client list, marketing and business plans, recipes, formulas, processes, and other intangibles like brand reputation and customer goodwill. This agreement is also drafted to provide a layer of protection from potential wage & hour violations that may occur if your independent contractor is deemed an employee under the law. The Independent Contractor Agreement helps minimize liability exposure inherently associated with independent contractor relationships.

Created from real, attorney-drafted contacts, your non-generic customizable template comes with access to a video training that walks you through:
  • Key points in your contract you need to know;
  • How to properly fill it out; and
  • How to use it to protect your business.
  • Including Video Walkthrough Training.

Are Your Independent Contractors Growing Your Business, Or Preparing to Sink It?