Non-Disclosure Agreement + Video Walkthrough Training


This contract packs a triple punch, as it contains:

  1. Non-Competition;
  2. Non-Solicitation;
  3. Non-Disclosure Provisions; AND
  4. Video Walkthrough Training.

The Non-Competition/Non-Solicitation/Non-Disclosure Agreement helps protect your business from situations where employees or contractors may attempt to utilize the information they’ve learned from or about your business to turn around and compete with your business. It also protects against the solicitation of your employees and clients, and helps to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of certain information that would cause harm to your business, like trade secrets.

Created from real, attorney-drafted contacts, your non-generic customizable template comes with access to a video training that walks you through:

  • Key points in your contract you need to know;
  • How to properly fill it out; and
  • How to use it to protect your business.

Why Your Business Needs a Non-Disclosure Agreement to Maintain Your Competitive and Economic Edge?